Recommended : 02.22.19

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Featured Release
Candlemass - The Door to Doom (doom)
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Andrei's Pick
Bellrope - You Must Relax (sludge)

Jetro's Pick
NYOS - Now (doomy post-rock)

Joe's Pick
Red Beard Wall - The Fight Needs Us All (stoner)

Paul's Pick
Primitive Man/Hell - split (sludge/doom)

Sue's Pick
Dead Witches - The Final Exorcism (doom)

Tyler's Pick
Véhémence - Par le Sang Versé (epic/black)

Continuum - Designed Obsolescence (tech death)

Demon Head - Helfire Ocean Void (occult rock)

Gatekeeper - Grey Maiden EP (epic/trad)

Hate Force - Hate Force (death)

Horndal - Remains (hardcore sludge)

Mortanius - Till Death Do Us Part (prog/neo classical)

Minors - Abject Bodies (hardcore)

Overkill - The Wings of War (thrash)

Pernicion - Seek What They Sought (blackened death)

Pounder - Uncivilized (traditional)

Relics of Humanity - Obscuration (death)

Skraekoedlan - Earth (stoner/psych)

Traveler - Traveler (trad)

Witcher Creed - Awakened From the Tomb (stoner)

Wounds - Light Eater EP (tech death)

Wretched Fate - Fleshletting (black)


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