Recommended : 02.01.19

Posted by Joe Eldridge on

Feature release:
Ossuarium - Living Tomb (death)
In stock now:

Joe's pick:
Light Dweller - Incandescent Crucifix (blackened death)

Rob's pick:
Mastiff - Plague (sludge)

Tony's pick:
Panopticon - The Crescendo of Dusk (black)

Tyler's pick:
Ancient Bards - Origine (epic/power metal)

A Secret Revealed - Sacrifices (post/black)

Astronoid - Astronoid (post/black)

Burning Vow - Burning Vow EP (sludge)

Hollow Leg - Civilizations (sludge)

Ithica - The Language of Injury (hardcore)

Insanity Alert - 666-Pack (crossover thrash)

KOMA - Through Blackened Veils (sludge)

Pulchra Morte - Divina Autem Et Aniles (death)

Sofy Major - Total Dump (noise)

Warish - Warish EP (skate rock)

Widows - Ten'Yer single (stoner/sludge)

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