Recommended : 02.08.19

Posted by Joe Eldridge on

Featured release:
NŪR - Light Emerges (sludge)
In stock soon at

Aaron's pick:
Downfall of Gaia - Ethic of Radical Finitude (black)

Joe's pick (play LOUD!):
Laceration - Remnant (thrash)

Blodskam - La-Bas (black)

Critical Defiance - Misconception (thrash)

Geezer - Spiral Fires EP (stoner)

The Ghost Next Door - A Feast for the Sixth Sense (alt/grunge)

Negative Wall - Gammagelu (stone/space rock)

Seer - Vol. 6 (sludge/doom)

Tribe of Pazuzu - Heretical Uprising (blackened death)

Uncypher - Demo (stoner)

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