Shadebeast is a heavy metal record shop.
We also carry punk, hardcore, garage, psych and stoner rock.

160 Tracy Street, Athens, Georgia USA
(in the Chase Street Warehouse complex, copper building, suite #9)
Do not mail packages here!

Open most Saturdays and Sundays

Consignment Policy:

1. You send your stuff to us, on your dime.
Let us know how much $ you need per unit (account for postage)
2. We sell your stuff. Typically marked up around 30%
3. We pay you via paypal or venmo for items sold, at whatever
regularity you wish, weekly, monthly, annually...
4. At any time that you want your merch back, we will
return unsold items on our dime.

*do not send to the store address, no mailbox.
email: shadebeastofficial@gmail.com for arrangements