Shadebeast is record store, clothing brand and global collective devoted to the heavy metal underground. Founded in 2016, our Georgia based project reflects the extreme attitude and outsider perspective of the metal subculture, with an emphasis on authenticity over mainstream acceptance.

Shadebeast apparel is presently limited to t-shirts, hoodies, and headwear. Our brand ethic is seen in our collaborations with artists from the metal community, and how we are worn with pride by rabid fans who consider themselves part of the shadebeast army.

Currently, shadebeast apparel is sold only through our webshop and at our flagship store in Athens, Georgia.

Worship the riff.

Joe Eldridge, Sophie Eldridge, Olga Fouche, Matty Goldstein, Jonathan Guzik, Zach Hembree, Mark Moody, Vaughn Moody, Christopher Parry, John Ray, Markus Shaffer, Daniel Shroyer


Max Siebel, Sam Balling, David Paul Seymour,
Sam Shearon, John Santos, Pig Hands,
Brian Mercer, Alyssa Mocere


Samir Asfahani, Martin Beckmann, Tony Michael Graves, 
Rob Hammer, Frazier Jones, Christof Jud,
Mike Knowles, Tyler Quentin Kovarik,
Calvin Lampert, Andrei Moose, Paul Peiler,
Aaron Pickford, Jetro Suo,
John Vasilakis, Clint Willis,
Sue Wright

Jackson Morris, Jeff Rollins, Matty Goldstein, David Little, Brandon Walchuk, Jason Gardner, Christopher Grau, Chris Reininger, James Clarke, Mathew Pither, Chris Welsch, Christof Jud, Carl Denton, Preston Dust, Per Karlsen, Joshua Miller, Steve Fitzpatrick, Casey Yarbrough, Clint Hill, Robert Wunsch, John Hayes, Dwayne Jones, Chris Cauley, Jayson Hill, Scott Adams, Nathan Gough, Ryan Gist, Thomas Bowen, Aaron Beard, Alan Carpentieri, Charles Johnson, Jonathan Montellano, Sam Striplin, Adam Hebert, Scott Bayer


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