Shadebeast is a heavy metal record shop and streetwear brand. Our clothing features the work and images of artists from the heavy music underground. We exist to support and enrich the global metal community through our physical and web stores, media channels and sponsorship of shows and events.

Physical Shop
Shadebeast Athens

Labels we resell direct and distro

 Core Team
Joe Eldridge, Sandra Reinhardt, Sophie Eldridge,
Zach Hembree, John Ray, Markus Shaffer,
Mark and Vaughn Moody, Christopher Parry,
Matty Goldstein, Jonathan Guzik, Max Siebel

Senior Music Advisors
Martin Beckmann, Keith Bynum, Tony Michael Graves,
Rob Hammer, Calvin Lampert, Cyprien Liaudet, John Mincemoyer, 
Andrei Moose, Paul Peiler, Jetro Suo, Sue Wright

Affiliate Music Advisors
Aaron Pickford, Samir Asfahani, Tyler Quentin Kovarik,
Frazier Jones, John Vasilakis, Clint Willis 

Street Team
Jed Eldridge, Kelly Hester, Casey Tinkertrain,
Thomas Brumby, Chris Welsch, Paul Christopher,
Preston Dust, Sue Wright, Bryan McFadden

'Rabid Bats' Skate Crew
Suzi Uzi, Racy Corbett,
Brenden Brown, Gage Gum