Sticker Gallery

We make these street stickers of our favorite musicians for fun and to let the world know what kind of music we're about. They're FREE in our physical store and included with mail orders. If you want some stickers without purchase, or just want to support what we do, you can donate to our War Chest here!

Gwyn Strang

Coming Soon
Pepper Keenan

Coming Soon

Woody Weatherman

Coming Soon

Mike Dean

Coming Soon

Reed Mullin

This sticker is in print and shipping with orders.

Bill Kelliher

This sticker is in print and shipping with orders.

Neil Peart
(Silver Series)

Ritchie Blackmore
(Silver Series)



King Diamond

Jeff Matz

Des Kensel

Tony Iommi
(Silver Series)

Kim Thayil

Dave Lombardo

Jon Davis

Eric Wagner

Laura Pleasants

Denis "Piggy" D'Amour

Lori S.

Jimmy Bower

Mike IX

Jeff Hanneman

Chuck Schuldiner

Dale Crover

Scott Reeder

Casey "Gear Snob" Yarbrough

Peter Steele

Al Cisneros

Jonathan Athon

Jeff Rapier

"Dixie" Dave Collins


"Rotten" Randall Baird



Mike Scheidt

Matt Heath

Cliff Burton


Jeff Clayton

Zach Hembree

Scott Kelly

Brent Hinds

King Buzzo

Tom G Warrior

Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor

Mustaine was gracious enough to stand in for Phil. RIP
Scott "Wino" Weinrich

Matt Pike