Listen Club 2021

This is an evolving list of recent releases we love and recommend. Releases stay on this list until an advisor finds a new favorite, or it gets pushed off by something heavier. We'll try to stock these titles whenever possible. Please visit each band's page and buy direct if we don't have it!

The shadebeast Listen Club is homed in this facebook group:

Club Advisors
Andrew Grizzle, Austin Brumley, Christopher Pace, Ethan Barrett, Joe Eldridge, Marcos DC, Mervin Neckman, Tyler Haulenbeek


Andrew’s pick: FERNWAH – Approaching Oblivion

Chris’ pick: Mütterlein - Bring Down the Flags

Ethan’s pick: WOMBBATH – Agma

Joe’s pick: Bantha Rider – Binary Sunset Massacre

Barus – Drowned EP

Demoted – Away From the Living

Dolven – The Tyranny of Time

Hadal Maw – Oblique Order

Nekrotisk – Aprakxia I: Mors Certa



Andrew’s pick: Hollow Woods – Cold Winds Cleave the Earth

Ethan’s pick: Dara Project – Si Glia lua nume

Joe’s pick: WOORMS / The Grasshopper Lies Heavy split

Mervin’s pick: Keelhaul – Keelhaul

CMPT – Krv I pepeo

In Aphelion – Moribund

Medenera – Bronzo

Pagan Altar – The Story of…

Vanagandr – Howling Curses at Divinity’s Throne

Witches Hammer – Devourer of the Dead



Andrew’s pick: Wounds of Recollection – Deathbed

Chris’ pick: The RGs – Your Head on a Stick

Ethan’s pick: Mavorim – Non Omnis Moriar

Joe’s pick: Murder Van – Crooked Smiles EP

Tyler’s pick: Beneath the Sod – Beneath the Sod

Agnes Vein – Deathcall

Eallic – Rake of the Astral Leviathan

Funeral Mist – Deiform

Mega Colossus – Riptime

Memory Garden – 1349

Myrdod – The Mourning Hollow

Obscurial – Funeral, Burial and Rites

P.H.O.B.O.S. – Bleaker Beater

Torii – Torii



Andrew’s pick: Lifelost – Punitive Damnation

Austin’s pick: Malignant Altar Realms of Exquisite Morbidity

Chris’ pick: Anatomy of Habit – Even if It Takes a Lifetime

Ethan’s pick: Dessiderium – Aria

Joe’s pick: Vahrzaw – The Trembling Voices… (2021)

Tyler’s pick: Spaceslug – Memorial

Bloodrust – A Legacy of Vengeance

Cadaveric Fumes – Echoing Chambers of Soul

Funeral – Praesentialis In Aetermnum

Noxis/Cavern Womb – Communion of Corrupted Minds

Phrenelith – Chimaera

Psilocybe Larvae – Where Silence Dwells

Rat King – Santa Hipocresia EP

Restless Spirit – Blood of the Old Gods

Reveal – Doppelherz



Andrew’s pick: Heiress – Distant Fires

Austin’s pick: So Hideous – None But a Pure Heart Can Sing

Chris’ pick: BLK OPS – The Heroic Dose

Ethan’s pick: Cutterred Flesh – Sharing is Caring

Joe’s pick: Elder & Kadavar - Eldorvar: A Story of Darkness and Light

Mervin’s pick: The Snake the Cross the Crown - Mander Salis

Tyler’s pick: Closet Disco Queen – Stadium Rock for Punk Bums

Ashbreather – Ow, My Eye

Bog Wizard – Miasmic Purple Smoke

Blunt – Closure

Demonstealer – The Holocene Termination

Genocide Pact – Genocide Pact

Rebreather – The Line, It’s Width, and the War Drone

Temptation’s Wings – Marauders of the Killing Moon

Weedpecker – IV: The Stream of Forgotten Thoughts

Wolftooth – Blood & Iron



Andrew’s pick: Stagwounder – The Shrouded Muse of the World’s Lament

Austin’s pick: Crystal Coffins – The Starway Eternal

Chris’ pick: Negura Bunget – Zau

Ethan’s pick: Imperialist – Zenith

Joe’s pick: Morgul Blade – Fell Sorcery Abounds

Mervin’s pick: Religious Observance – Religious Observance

Tyler’s pick: Teeth – Finite

Cynic – Ascension Codes

Eternity’s End – Embers of War

Hypcrisy - Worship

Lock up – The Dregs of Hades

Proscriptor McGovern’s Apsû - Proscriptor McGovern’s Apsû

Swamp Coffin – Noose Almighty



Andrew’s pick: Converge & Chelsea Wolfe – Bloodmoon: I

Austin’s pick: Khemmis – Deceiver

Chris’ pick: Daxma – Unmarked Boxes

Ethan’s pick: Abscession – Rot of Ages

Joe’s pick: Boris – Reincarnation Rose EP

Tyler’s pick: Sun Below – Sun Below

DAKHMA – Blessings of Amurdad

Dead King’s Peace – Dead King’s Peace

Dream Unending – Tide Turns Eternal

Exodus – Persona Non Grata

Galaxy – On the Shore of Life

Obscura – A Valediction

The Lurking Fear – Death, Madness, Horror Decay



Andrew’s pick: THARN – Collisions

Austin’s pick: 200 Stab Wounds – Slave to the Scalpel

Chris’ pick: Doomsday Profit – In Idle Orbit

Ethan’s pick: Monument of Misanthropy – Unterweger

Joe’s pick: Ars Magna Umbrae – Throne Between Worlds

Tyler’s pick: Hyperdontia – Hideous Entity

Black Soul Horde – Horrors from the Void

Cave Bastard – Wrath of the Bastard

Creature – Eloge De l’Ombre

Curse of Denial – The Reckoning

Obscura Qalma – Apotheosis

Phantom Druid – The Downward Slope

Tower – Shock to the System



Andrew’s pick: Portrayal of Guilt – Christfucker

Austin’s pick: Mystras – Empires Vanquished and Dismantled

Chris’s pick: Verdun / Old Iron split

Ethan’s pick: Ivar Bjornson & Einar Selvik - Hardanger

Joe’s pick: MØL – Diorama

Mervin’s pick: Anodyne – Lifetime of Grey Skies

Tyler’s pick: Mortiferum – Preserved in Torment

Altareth – Blood

AUTOKRATOR – Persecution

GAAHLS WYRD – The Humming Mountain

Heads for the Dead – Slash ‘n’ Roll

Mother Iron Horse – Under the Blood Moon

RONGEUR – Glacier Tongue



Andrew’s pick: Burial - Inner Gateways To The Slumbering Equilibrium…

Austin’s pick: Nordicwinter – Le dernier adieu

Chris’ pick: Monolord – Your Time to Shine

Ethan’s pick: Archspire – Bleed the Future

Joe’s pick: Sunless – Ylem

Mervin’s pick: Botch – An Anthology of Dead Ends

Sam’s pick: Mastodon – Hushed and Grim

Tyler’s pick: Kayo Dot – Moss Grew on the Swords and Plowshares Alike

Goat Torment – Forked Tongues

Ghost Bath – Self Loather

Grand Cadaver – Into the Maw of Death

Lucifer – IV

Thulcandra – A Dying Wish



Andrew’s pick: 1914 – Where Fear and Weapons Meet

Austin’s pick: Green Lung – Black Harvest

Chris’ pick: Necrofier – Prophecies of Eternal Darkness

Ethan’s pick: Worm – Foreverglade

Joe’s pick: Sulphurous – The Black Mouth of Sepulchre

Tyler’s pick: Blackwater Holylight – Silence/Motion

Apparition – Feel

Feral Season – Rotting Body in the Range of Light

Hexenbrett - Intermezzo dei quattro coltelli nudi

Horns of Domination – Where Voices Leave No Echo

In From the Cold – Isolation Blues

Phantom Fire – The Bust of Beelzebub

Primeval Well – Talkin’ in Tonques with Mountain Spirits



Andrew’s pick: The Silver – Ward of Roses

Austin’s pick: Noltem – Illusions in the Wake

Chris' pick: This Insidious Horror - Feed the Corpses to the Pigs

Ethan’s pick: Vildhjarta - måsstaden under vatten

Joe’s pick: NŪR - Negative Transfer

Tyler’s pick: Shi - 死 – Basement Wizard

Aeon – God End’s Here

Deviant Process – Nurture

Dødsdrift – Ødnis

Kite – Currents

Melvins – Five Legged Dog



Austin’s pick: Outer Heaven – In Tribute…

Chris’ pick: Norse – Ascetic

Ethan’s pick: Atrae Bilis – Apexapien

Joe’s pick: Antichrist Siege Machine – Purifying Blade

Mervin’s pick: Disappear Forever – Moving Slightly

Creeping Death – The Edge of Existence

Knife – Knife

Kowloon Walled City – Piecework

Black Sites – Untrue


Austin’s pick: Frontierer - Oxidized

Chris’ pick: Wallowing/Thin/Slabdragger/Vixen Max 4way split

Ethan’s pick: Enslaved – Caravans to the Outer Worlds

Joe’s pick: Bummer – Dead Horse

Mervin’s pick: Taint – The Ruin of Nova Roma

Abstracter – Abomination

Churchburn – Genocidal Rite

Crystal Spiders – Morieris

Duel – In Carne Persona

Full of Hell – Garden of Burning Apparitions

Megalith Levitation – Void Psalms

Sadistic Force – Aces Wild

Toom – Behold the Basilisk


Austin’s pick: Lunar Spells – Where Silence Whispers

Chris’ pick: LLNN - Unmaker

Ethan’s pick: Veilburner – Lurkers of the Capsule of Skull

Joe’s pick: Succumb – XXI

Mervin’s pick: Darkest Hour – Hidden Hands of a Sadist Nation

River of Nihil – The Work

The Body & BIG/BRAVE – Leaving None But Small Birds

Skepticism – Companion

Deadyellow – Deadyellow

RYGHAR – Thurmecia Eternal



Chris' pick: Employed to Serve - Conquering

Ethan's pick: Carcass – Torn Arteries

Joe's pick: Forebode – The Pit of Suffering

Alien Weaponry – Tangara

Occulsed – Crepitation of Phlegethon

Criminal – Sacrificio

Insomnium – Argent Moon EP

Vulvodynia - Praenuntius Infiniti

Taser – Filthcrawl

Gravedancer – Ripping Metal



Ausin's pick: Whitehorse – Death Weight

Chris' pick: Lunar Ark – Recurring Nightmare

Ethan's pick: Replicant – Malignant Reality

Joe's pick: Mastiff – Leave Me the Ashes of the Earth

LVCIFYRE – The Broken Seal

Giant of the Mountain – Mountain’s Blood

Aborted – Maniacult

Seeds of Perdition – Suffering of the Dead



AUSTIN’S PICK: Warflurch - Psychedelic Realms Ov Hell

CHRIS PACE’S PICK: Portrait – At One with None

ETHAN’S PICK: Iron Maiden – Senjutsu

JOE”S PICK: Defacement – self/titled

MARTIN'S PICK: Criptae - Decrepit Collection

Sermon of Flames – I have Seen the Light…

Deformatory – Inversion of the Unseen Horizon

Doctor Smoke – Dreamers of the Dead

Apallic – Edge of Desolation



Chris Pace: Utopia – Stalker

Ethan’s pick: White Stones – Dancing into Oblivion

Joe’s pick: LowFlyingHawks – FUYU

Seth’s pick: Fluisteraars – Gegrepen Door de Geest der Zielsontluiking

Hooded Menace – The Tritonus Bell

Our Place of Worship is Silence – Disavowed, and Left Hopeless

Kal-El – Dark Majesty

Oxygen Destroyer - Sinister Monstrosities


Chris' pick: Necronautical – Slain in the Spirit
Ethan's pick: Wolves in the Throne Room – Primordial Arcana
Joe's pick: Woman is the Earth – Dust of Forever
Seth's pick: Unreqvited – Beautiful Ghosts
Witchcryer – When the Gods Come for You
Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster – The World Inside
Arkenfire – Trials Through Time
Chat Pile/Portrayal of Guilt split single


Joe's pick: Alchemy of Flesh - Ageless Abominations

Chris' pick: Fawn Limbs – Darwin Falls
Ethan's pick: Diskord – Degenerations
Burial in the Sky - The Consumed Self
Septage – Septisk Eradikasyon
Viserion – Natural Selection
Ænigmatum – Deconsecrate
Melted Messiah – self-titled
Imperial Slaughter - …Vile Slobs
CRIXKUOR – Poison Palinopsia


Chris' pick: Nightmarer - Monolith of Corrosion

Ethan's pick: Gnosis - Omens from the Dead Realm
Joe's pick: God of a Thousand Forms - The Sundering Seas
Vessel of Iniquity – The Doorway
Canid - Sait Serpentine
Linqua Ignota - Sinner Get Ready
Aapthy Noir - At the Edge of the World
Agrypnie -Metamorphosis
Felled - The Intimate Earth


Joe's pick: King Woman - Celestial Blues

Chris' pick: KNOW//SUFFER - The Great Dying
Wall - Vol. 2
Underdark - Our Bodies Burned Bright On Re​-​Entry
Cainhurst – Dark Have Been My Dreams of Late
Hexorcist – Evil Reaping Death
Praise the Plague – The Obsidian Gate


Ghorot - Loss of Light

Archangel A.D. - Casus Belli
Necrogod - In Extremis
Flame, Dear Flame - Aegis
Laetitia in Holocaust - I Fall with the Saints EP


Laceration - Demise
Ophidian I - Desolate
Downcaste - Pre​-​Apocalypse
Mesa - Collapse
Bottomless - Bottomless


Mountain Caller - Chronicle: Prologue
Blood Sport - Hot Blood and Cold Steel
Kvasir - 4
Ruadh - Eternal
Iron Noose - Theater of Exiled Eyes
71TONMAN - War Is Peace // Peace Is Slavery
Xasthur - Victims of the Times


earlier in 2021
Thy Catafalque - Vadak
Butcher in the Fog - Exonerate me, Baby
Year of No Light - Consolamentum
Concilium - Desecration
Mourn the Light - Suffer, Then We're Gone
Red Beard Wall - 3
Withered - Verloren
Amenra - De Doorn
ORYX - Lamenting a Dead World
Cerebral Rot - Excretion of Mortality
Grief Nocturne - Theater of Exiled Eyes
Spectral Wound - A Diabolic Thirst
Lucifer's Hammer - The Trip
Yatra - All is Lost
Witch Vomit - Abhorent Rapture
Entierro - El Camazotz
Heavy Temple - Lupi Amoris


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