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Posted by Joe Eldridge on

2019 was a big year for us. The store moved from the warehouses of Chase Street right into downtown Athens, and we started booking shows. It started as one show a month and quickly ballooned because of everyone's support. A lot of people helped make this happen, and I just wanted to dole out a little public acknowledgement.

First, the bands. We had a phenomenal selection of bands roll through town, and we're lucky enough to have locals that put a lot of touring acts to shame. The bands that rolled through, Coffin Torture, Possum Rot, PALACES, Druids, Irist, Enhailer, D U T C H G U T S, Mother Iron Horse, Malevich, Bathe, Enforced, High Command, Dead Hand and Irata, and the locals that helped make these shows happen FartJar, Mandible Rider, Rosie & the Ratdogs, HUSK, Mr. Squigggles, DayGlo Mourning, Parathion, Weaponized Flesh, Apparition, Beast Mode, The Sundering Seas, Balding, Savagist, Marses. Fleet of Pigs,, Dead Vibes Ensemble, Sacred Bull.

To the venues that put up with our nonsense, Bryant and the great crew at The Caledonia Lounge and Dave and the excellent staff at The World Famous.

To Guzik at Mothership Tattoo for providing artwork, Johnny Ray at The Ratio Podcast and the many people who attended multiple shows, bought merch, and made the touring bands feel welcome.

We're hitting 2020 hard with shows on the horizon with Black Tusk, Toke, Horseburner, Fashion Week, and a lot more. Thanks to everyone!

- Daniel

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