Two years in, shadebeast has come far further than any of us involved expected. We are a legit brick-and-mortar record shop here in Athens, Georgia, operate a healthy mail order business and are gradually becoming a brand and family recognized throughout the heavy music underground. 

Operating as an independent shop with integrity is a hand-to-mouth business, though. That's the reason every town does not have a metal record store. So, we're offering up the stickers and shirts that people already dig as reasons for regular sponsorship. 

If we can reach a monthly support goal of $1,000 to cover the rent on our new location, the retail side will continue to thrive and grow. If the time comes when business is so good we no longer need sponsorship, we'll redirect your dollars to show promotion and sponsorship.

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Infernal Supporters

Alan Carpentieri
Chris Cauley
Daniel Chase
Michael Esquivel
Olga Fouche
Ryan Gist
Christopher Grau
Christof Jud
PK Karlsen
Mike Knowles
Sean Lyons
Adam Miller
Joseph Mills
Jackson Morris
Ben Motley
Micah Nix
Christopher Pace
Tim Queen
Christine Ream
Chris Reininger
Jeff Rollins
Fred Roy
Ryan Sanders
Sam Striplin
James Taylor III
Christopher Welsch
Sue Wright
Tom Zdon