Bad Action VHS Club

Obsessed with badass action movies featuring completely OVER THE TOP acting and production... on VHS! As a 'sub club' of Shadebeast Social Club, members get together weekly at the clubhouse to watch a few films.

BAV Club
P.O. Box 669
Jefferson, Georgia 30549
*We can only trade tapes which we have more than one copy of.

The current library is here.

What movies are we talking about?
70s/80s/90s action oriented movies made with larger budgets that were released on VHS. The movie should have mainstream "low brow" sensibilities and be generally gratuitous.

Fighting, car chases and explosions.
Revenge movies.
Spy and assassin movies.
(Bond movies, Bourne movies, The Professional, etc)

Dystopian futures, monsters and alien invasions.
(Mad Max, Godzilla, Independence Day, etc)
Serial killers/crime films.
(Silence of the Lambs, Se7en)

Blaxploitation films.
(Shaft, Action Jackson, etc)

Juvenile delinquency and gang movies.
(Over the Edge, The Warriors, Colors, etc)

Prison movies.
(Escape from Alcatraz, Lock Up)

Awesome Neo/post modern "pulp" cinema.
(Pulp Fiction, Blue Velvet, Fight Club, etc)

Films that belong in other genres, like westerns, sci-fi, fantasy, horror or sports.
(A Fistful of Dollars, Bladerunner, Conan the Barbarian, Day of the Dead, All The Right Moves, etc)

Film Noir and well made crime movies.
(The Godfather, Untouchables, etc)

Mature suspense/thrillers that are more talk than action.
(Fatal Attraction, Arlington Road, etc)

War movies.
(Platoon, Full Metal Jacket, etc)

Heist movies.
(The Italian Job, Ocean's Eleven)

Superhero movies.
(X-Men, Batman, etc)

Actionless movies just because they have a star that is known more for action films.