Apparel Archive

ARTISTS SERIES: John Santo' "Tyranny of Nescience" was available on grey and forest green heather
"Shadebeast Rising" was a tribute to Rainbow's ultra classic 1976 album.
ARTISTS SERIES: David Paul Seymour's "Coils of Doom", electric blue on black.
ARTISTS SERIES: Sam Balling's "Odin", black on stone blue.
Sam Shearon kicked off our ARTISTS SERIES at Christmas 2018 with this Krampus design. Printed only once on red long sleeves.
Max Siebel's Iommi tribute "Hole in the Sky" is a non-limited design and will be reprinted.
Max Siebel's "Live Forever" was the first of a hopefully ongoing "undead" series. The original printing of this illustration was seen and approved by Lemmy himself. This is a non-limited design.
"RECORDS" and "Athens, Georgia" was dropped from the Vinyl Dealer design and has been printed in yellow on black, red on black, and red on grey. This will be reprinted in various colors in perpetuity.
80 ladies "Demon Crest" tees were printed in 2018.
As our flagship design, this will be reprinted in various colors and cuts on a non-limited basis.
It was decided that shadebeast would be a brand as well as a record store. People were also assuming we were a record label, so "records" was dropped from the Demon Crest logo. 
Sinister Chris Parry drew the "Vinyl Dealer" and we gave these shirts away at the first show we ever sponsored. 80 were made.
Our friend and, proponent of psychedelics, Guzik drew "The Tripper" for the stoner side of the house. 40 black on grey tees were printed, as well as 60 3/4 sleeve raglans. Will be reprinted on a non-limited basis.
Every Day Is Record Store Day got a second printing of 70, black on purple.
Drawn by Sophie, this would become our coat of arms and battle crest. The white versions of this came with three different back tags. One being "shadebeast records" and two more with metal sub genres listed. There were several printings of 60 done.
Our very first shirt. Shadebeast Records existed only in name and we only sold records via Facebook Marketplace. Drawn by Sophie. 40 were made.