As a business, Shadebeast is partly owned by a crowd-sourced capital investment body. 100,000 shares exist with an initial public offering of 49,999 shares. Presently, any profits the business earns is reinvested into growth and inventory expansion. In the event that the business is sold, the sale price will be distributed proportionately among all share holders. Until that time, all investment is speculative.

Shareholders: John Ray, Markus Shaffer, Zach Hembree, Chris Parry, Jonathan Guzik, Matty Goldstein, Martin Beckmann, David Little, Jeff Rollins, Jason Gardner, Brandon Walchuk, Mathew Pither, Chris Welsch, Carl Denton, Christof Jud, Christopher Grau, Joshua Miller, Clint Hill, Thomas Brumby, Chris Cauley, Chris Reininger, Jayson Hill, Scott Adams, Thomas Bowen, Aaron Beard, Casey Herring, Sam Striplin, Robert Wunsch, Charles Johnson, Jonathan Montellano, Preston Dust, Adam Hebert, Scott Bayer, Nate Gough, Steve Fitzpatrick, Ryan Gist, Per Karlsen

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